My Holidays

My holidays were alright, I spent the first week at Dad’s place. We didn’t really do anything. I just spent time with my little bro’s and sister. I spent the second week at Mum’s place. I really didn’t do anything other than play video games and chat with friends. It was a good holidays, even though I didn’t really do anything.

My Semester One Report

I am very happy with my report. I passed all my subjects and completed all the work requirements.

In English I got an A and 2 B’s

In Maths I got 2 A’s and a B

In Drama I got 2 C’s

In Food I got a C

In iLearn I got 2 B’s

In French I got an A

In Music I got 2 C’s

In PE and Health I got a C

In Science I got a B

In SOSE I got 2 C’s

I am happy with my report but I could have probably done better in Food, Music and SOSE if I focused more. ( I kind of waste sometimes)


Multiple Intelligence Test

Today we did a Multiple Intelligence Test. It is where we answer a series of questions about things we do and like and the test tells you your intelligence area. These are my scores:

Linguistic: 8

Logical: 7

Visual/Spacial: 6

Kinaesthetic: 7

Musical: 5

Interpersonal: 13

Intrapersonal: 7

Naturalistic: 5

My top scoring area was Interpersonal which means people smart.


‘You may be people smart. You will like to mix with other people and you will belong to alot of clubs. You like team games and are good at sharing.’

Term 1, Warrnambool College

This year I am in 7F, I have met some new people: Nick, Nathan and Liam.

Not long after the year started, we went on an activity day to Camp Cooriemungle. The activities were the giant swing, the high ropes and the rock climbing wall. It was a very fun experience for everyone.

So far I have 84 Stamps, which means I have won a pen and a highlighter

I am in Childers, which is the best house, and my tute is C3, the teacher is Mr Jansen. We have done a few getting to know you activities in tute and I have met some new people.For the swimming sports I just sat there and ate and watched, it was pretty boring, but I got to make a fool of myself in my pretty yellow apparel.

For the first semester our subjects are PE and Health with Mr McCluggage, Food with Mr Bell, Music with Miss Thompson, English with Mrs Payne, Maths and iLearn with Mr O’Sullivan, SOSE with Mrs Clapp, French with Miss Jane and Science with Miss Ginn.

We also have done Athletics sports, I put my name down for Discus and Shot-put, but I missed out on Shot-put because I wasn’t paying attention to the time. I did okay in Discus, but I didn’t get through, I got 12.7m.

Warrnambool College has a reward system called the 5A’s, when you do a good thing, teachers will reward you with a stamp, when you have enough stamps you get a reward. These are the rewards 50=House Pen 75=House Highlighter 100=House Water Bottle 150=House Lanyard 200=Canteen Voucher 300=House USB/Celebration Activity 500=Gold 5A award.